Holistic Wellness – Week 1 – Massage


Connect with yourself, relax, and focus, and be healed…Welcome to my 5 part “mini-series” on holistic wellness. It has become abundantly clear to me over the past few years how important psychological, physical, spiritual, and social wellness and balance is. Each category of our lives warrants caution, prevention and appreciation. I have launched into a period of self exploration to fine tune and transform various areas of my life to create less stress, more laughter, more grace, and a balanced amount of reasonable contentment.

1. Massage 2. Self Talk 3. Spirituality,  Prayer, and Meditation 4. FOOD! 5. Nature

I have officially discovered that there are few experiences that trump the art of massage therapy. A strong reminder came after scheduling a massage for “the hubbs” and for myself. The feelings following a massage are absolutely incomparable to any other type of therapy available for grabs. I have decided to share with the blogging community, the immediate benefits that were gained following one massage, as well as the lasting impact I have found by going monthly.

Gentle and circular motions around the temples,forehead, and sinuses = immediate sinus relief

Strong, stretching, pulling from base of shoulders up neck = elongating of the spine and immediate pain relief

Sliding across spine (perpendicular) medium pressure = loosening of muscles

glute rub (yes GLUTE) intense pressure, working out knots until they diffuse = sharp pain initially until a warm release  (ENTIRELY WORTH IT!)

Following several months of massage therapy, I have found an amazing peace with life overall but more importantly, a back that is not plagued by genetics, aches, catches, or pinches…and no numbness! It is of course a work in progress (meaning my back) but the art of massage has been a HUGE blessing to me.

Ultimately, allowing someone to manipulate your body and muscles specifically can have an amazing impact. Uniquely though, I have found massage to be much more than a physically healing and therapeutic session. It is a mental healing and opportunity to refocus and find breath again.

Realize that our bodies and minds deserve healing. And in healing, they require rest. This is imminent to the longevity of a positive and focused attitude, limber bodies, and overall wellness.  Massage fortunately provides just that…mentally clear, physically rested, and at peace… Namaste!


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